Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hey Everyone!

Long Time Again..... :\ But lets leave tht part as its kinda regular now & will b so for some more time now..... :(

Just came back to Ranchi & wanted to desperately indulge in my craft... & I even found an empty tin of {Baba} Whateva!!!! I just cud not stand the look of it; hence thot of changing its very look... And tht gave me my start after a long time;

Empty Tin

And thus I went ahead to change the look; Thanks to my #PaperCrafts !


Voila! There goes the changed look.... :D  

This was my first attempt to #TinDecor ; #Happy ! But tht makes me wanna try my hands on it more & more, so I can change the look of all dumb ass tins around; Phew!!!

Linking it to Stampendous Nov 2013 Challenge - Handmade Gifts!

 photo ThePrepNew_zps5a3ccce1.jpg

DPs from stash to cover the inside & outside of the tin; along with the top of the lid
A washi tape in green to cover the rim of the tin lid
Ribbon & flowers from stash to finish it off!


Looks pretty much OK for a start.... {Keeping Fingies Crossed} for more... :)


   photo Signaturenew_zps6434c4a9.jpg

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