Thursday, October 6, 2011


Heelo!!!! Oh! Yes.... Clearing backlogs again..... This time, have decided, would not carry them forward anymore..... As a RESULT, you would find many posts today at ONE GO!!!! Kindly bear with me.... :D

Okay! Finally I'm happy to share the final round of my BIRTHDAY FUN!!! BACKLOGS has one strong point which lets you relive those moments again.. the feel it gave me when I received each of them for the first time..... WOW!!! Touchy Moments...... :)"" {Tears Of Joy}

So here they are.....


Dear Shalini sent this amazing box with a set of tags housed in it..... I was simply impressed by her gift wrapping skills.... with a couple of lovely ribbons wound around the box & tied together in a bow, with an appealing stone to center it along with a tag.... That certainly is CLASSY!!! That is one thing I adore a lot in any creation as such..... :D


And these were the set of tags that were housed inside it..... Are they not MARVELOUS!!! I was stunned, dumbstruck & all that follows this particular emotional state.... :D

It was for the first time I was seeing something like this in my hand..... I was aware of it, but did not ever realize how beautiful it was..... And I could only think of the dedication & passion she put into this..... That certainly moved me..... My hubby was in awe of that masterpiece too..... :O

WOW!!! Thank You so much Shalini for that unexpected moment of joy in my life..... :D


And here is the RAK from Khushboo..... To go by her name, she totally justifies it every moment in her life.... She is so full of enthu & passion, which is certainly contagious.... I was so happy to receive this package of goodies with that very sweet card accompanied....


I loved the clean & neat creation so rich with my favorite colors & a beautiful gate fold... I thoroughly enjoyed every single element on it which was perfectly balanced...

Thank You so much Khushboo, for all the love & passion with which u put them together for me..... Hugs)))


Last but certainly not the least.... Here is what Erum sent to me..... And this is one RAK, that moved me much..... It was highly unexpected & the thought that it came all the way from Pakistan, gave the gesture a different dimension.... It was SPECIAL!

That is one part of our world which is untrodden for most of us & all thanks to ICR, which has paved a way to revive those missing links.....

Oh! Erum.... It is genuinely hard for me to express the way I feel about it as it is a feeling beyond words..... And I am really sorry for communicating about it to you, a little late..... :( it just slipped my mind then as I was literally LIVING OUT OF MY SUITCASE THEN!!! Loads of love & wishes to you deary.... May you grow by leaps & bounds!!!

It feels great to go back to where we started from.... to our roots!!!


{Where there was a dash of affection in what we did...... Where we personally put our feelings down on paper..... & it reached the person it was meant for the very same way.... Not just communicated but connected too......}

And that is exactly, what THIS IS ALL ABOUT!!!! All that we strive for now is to revive our age old tradition of exchanging wishes & blessings, in the true sense.... :D

Thanks to ALL CRAFTERS working in this direction..... :D

And a special thanks to ALL those who achieved just that by making my day a special one for me.... :D

That is it for now & will be back with more to clear.... ;)



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