Friday, October 21, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Whose birthday? Well, you would know her for sure..... Let's play a small trivia that would hint the name to you..... :D

1) She likes changing her hobbies to explore new things...
2) Her heart 'flutters' over bling & glitter!

Yup! That's her......

Welcome to this Sneak-Peek Birthday Blog Hop..... for our dear crafter pal, Tejal.. :D

Yes, Tejal , a sneak-peek blog hop, just for you...... Happy Birthday!!!

This is your FIRST STOP!!! Begin here & continue hopping.....

Wondering what's up for a treat!!! Well, can be nothing less than a dazzle.....

Eleven of our CRAZY CRAFTERS have joined together, to kick start & celebrate her birthday, who is as crazy as all of us..... So this craziness, is all worth being celebrated.... Any of you differ here????

I would love to sing her the birthday song!

Happy Long Life To You
Happy Long Life To You
Happy Long Life To Dear TEJAL,
Happy Birthday To You!!!!

The creations on this hop are themed, to light up your eyes..... not surprisingly, a sneak to all the blingy, glittery flutters!!!

So here's my flutter for you.... :D


I thought it perfect to club birthday with art to make it interesting for us both.... Well! I thoroughly enjoyed myself with a little mishaps here & there and I really really hope Tejal likes these creations.... :D

I know it is not up to her taste of bling & flutter, but it is my earnest attempt..... :)

So there it is.... The first glimpse to what was created for TEJAL!

The ubertalented crafter & utterly sweet Erum, from our neighboring country, is our next stop for you on this HOP! She would have loads & loads of dazzle on her blog for you... :D

Please make sure you complete the hop, through the entire list of talented crafters with the final last stop at the birthday gal's space.... Creative Expressions!


I pray everyone has a blast hopping, including the birthday girl herself.....

DEADLINE : FROM 22nd Oct 00:00 hours to 26th Oct 23:59 hours {midnight - Diwali}

Wishing Tejal, happiness & love.... Really hope you have fun hopping, along with your friends on this Sneak-Peek birthday blog hop! We thoroughly enjoyed this chance to add to your special day.... :D

Tejal's Birthday Blog Hop Participants:

Happy Celebrations!!!




Dr Sonia S V said...

Oh so many butterflies for Tejal. She is one Lucky girl!

Tejal said...

Love you loads loads and loads!
Thank you so heart is bursting with happiness right now...Am dying to see this in my hands!!!
Thanks so on phone!!

Shalini said...

me wanna see the whole thing!!!:)

Swathi said...

Hey Nice !! waiting to see the whole card

Hussena said...

wowie i am so excited to be a part of tejal's birthday blog hop,love your sneak peek of the flutterbies..i am sure tejal's gonna love it:)

Neha Jain said...

lovely more indian crafters blog hop...loving it

Juhi said...

Gorgeous colors, waiting to see the whole card!

Priyanka Bokdia said...

this is lovely!!!loved the flutter fly.. just waiting to see the whole of it..!!

snehal watwe welde said... all have made sure that Tejal's birthday is special....can't wait to see the card...sneak peek has definitely increased my curiosity levels

Kraft Angle said...

Beautiful butterfly card for a person with so many colors in her life ..... Lovely card ..... Awaiting the release .. Promos are too tempting :)

Monica said...

Loving the sneaks.....can't wait for more!!!

Priyanka Gupta said...

Your Blog is soo pretty Ash...A great inspiration for me.... :)

Just Love crafts xx

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