Thursday, November 17, 2011


Heya Peeps!!!

Not here to post any of MY PROJECTS, but this post is to share few recent RAKS I received & few months old, ATCs..... The ones I received for the respective months.....

And receiving beautiful works from fellow crafters is an AMAZING FEELING in itself..... I know the entire world agrees with me on this..... :D

So without further delay, let's check them all out ONE BY ONE!

Firstly here is a RAK I received almost a month back from one of my fellow crafters..... Priya Sivaraj!

Many of us know her & she is very popular for her DIAMOND CARD CREATION ON ICR.... And she made it as the Guest Designer on ICR for the same creation..... I wish her the very best in all her future endeavors too.....

So here is what she sent me..... It was a pleasure surprise for me..... Hard to express how I felt & still feel about it!


That is a beautiful creation & I loved all the accents I received with it...... Thank You Priya!


And this beautiful card came to me on Diwali from Lucy! And I was like :O.... Totally unexpected & stunning, all the way from GOA! Moved me to the core...... She is ONE QUIET CRAFTER.... All to herself with her passion for card making.... She has a unique style, very different from all of us..... She keeps it very low..... :D

And yes not to forget she was ONE of those few crafters who subscribed to this space & my works, when I made a start with blogging my creations {which were very amateurish}..... And I'm very thankful to her for her generosity.... God Bless her with loads of happiness, in her life...... :D

I keep wondering if I deserve the love & affection that I receive from you peeps..... But I promise myself to live up to it..... :D

Aah! That was some MOMENT! And Thank You both for gifting it to me..... :-*

Now to the Pending ATCs from the past......

Here is the first one..... Waiting to be posted since 4 months.....


Yes, They were the ATCs from the month of May! WOW!

And I received them from Vaishali Sabnani & Khushboo Rathi....... {Respectively}
May ATC was themed Birds & Animals..... And they totally justified their creations with such variations..... DO check out ALL the creations for the theme HERE!


And before I throw some light on these creations, I would like to let u know that ATC(India) has a new House! Yes it is being played on ICR with such gr8 zeal & enthu by our very own Rachana, who made ATCs possible for us, here in India.... I've been grateful to her for this thought & move......

These creations posted above were the ones I received from Jovita {Thank You so much for the Pie Lane Sticker u attached to it} & the other is from none other than our Rachana herself... :D for the month of OCT 2011..... I was delighted to see that miniature from our hostess!!!

Thank You both for making such delightful miniatures marking the celebrations of Diwali 2011!!!

So DO JOIN US to play your ATCs on ICR!

That is it for now.... Will be back soon with my ATCs... :D




snehal watwe welde said...

Wow lovely stuff....enjoy

yyam said...

Oh wow! What lovelies to receive in the mail!:)

salma said...

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