Friday, December 17, 2010


Hello Everyone!!!! I am back.... Quite fine now... Another 2 days & I will be totally fit to flutter... ;) I thank everyone of you, for your wishes & love..... :)

As I said earlier, I had several things to share with you..... One of which was a RAK I had received by the end of October...... which was so YUM!!!!! As I was just Up & could not really indulge in any projects as such, I thought this time apt, to share those things I wanted to but could not..... So here they are..... :)

3rd RAK

3rd RAK

3rd RAK

WOW!!! Is it not???? Yumminess oozing out in reality..... She is such a deary, for sharing those yummy things with me & letting me relish it.... Lots of Wishes & Hugs))))

Will be back soon......



6 comments: said...

Good to see you back .I hope you are fully recovered now, looking forward to your interaction in bloggyworld again. Wow xmas has come early for you with these array of goodies.Looking forward to your creativity.

Would love it if you try your creativity in a new dimention by participating in the create n carve event in my blog.I am sure with your talent you would create some lovely carvings.

Ulrike*** said...,....a lot of wonderful things,....a great view,....wish you lots of fun with those treasures.....wish you a nice weekend...Ulrike

Priya said...

lucky you...... the candy looks yummmmmmmmmmmm.. get well soon..

Nithya said...

Wowwww so many goodies :) they look so perfect for a crafty women like you.. waiting to see your craft creations using them.. :) get set go soon :)

And do take care of yourself.

Thanks a lot for reminding me of the event. I have sent her my entry :)

Hugs dear.. :)

kavitha said...

lucky u,looks so yum:)

Rachana said...

lucky girl...would love to c u using up all this soon

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