Friday, March 18, 2011


Hello! Had a few backlogs that had to be cleared... Not ATCs again..... They are all done with only the future ones to be posted..... Well this is about a few RAKs I received shortly & one of the shipments I was eagerly waiting for.... :)

So here they go.....

The first one is a RAK sent on my Wedding Anniversary this month, by our very own Sudha Kalra, who is 'enthusiasm personified' :) Sometimes her gestures just get me carried away..... I love the initiatives she takes in spreading that extra love in your life..... And I am sure, she would be blessed with more joy & happiness for herself.... Wishes for all your future endeavors deary.... :D

Sudha's RAK

That was a nice & sweet card.. The cuts were totally fresh for me.... She sent me some 6X6 hand made DPs.... & a small pouch of embells.... Sweet!!!!

Sudha's RAK

The one below is a RAK from my friend Banu.... It was so sweet of her to send me some love, my way.... What do I say? I love everything in the captures below..... On the first my favorites are buttons, flourishes, ribbons, tape runners, CS & That GORGEOUS Ippity Stamp..... WOW!!!!


Here below are some DPs with lovely prints on them, tacky tape, ribbon & some American Crafts blossoms..... :) I love them all.... It is hard for me to express how I feel.... I can only wish her loads & loads of happiness for the lovable person she is..... :)


The snapshot below are my wins at challenges..... Thanks for the opportunities.... :) My personal favorite has been the scrap book kit as that was the challenge & candy that made me move out of my comfort zone of cards to attempting, scrapbooking for the first time..... :) I have to admit that was sheer inspiration.... :D Thank You!!!!


And here below are my recent purchases made..... I had been waiting for the shipments so very eagerly... Almost on my toes..... ;) One of it reached me & still looking forward to the other I have to receive from SU! Finger Crossed X...... :P


It has some dies, brads, impression plates, tape runners, binder rings & a corner punch.... :)

And here below are the captures from the unique challenge (Scrappy Scrap Challenge) we had hosted by our very talented Shalini Aggarwal..... I salute her for her awesome thought on it.... The closure was amazing with few awesome creations who made it to the top..... I did not :( So what I participated with zeal!!!! And that counts too... I guess!

So below is the capture of the scraps she sent across to us..... & following is my creation that the scraps were transformed into..... :)

Scrappy Scrap

Scrappy Scrap

So that is the end of all the gala time I had, when I was not crafting.... :D

Now with all the paraphernalia, I better get down to create some magic for me & others too.... :)

WISHING EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY & COLORFUL CELEBRATION!!!! Let us all create magic in our lives & the ones who matter to us..... :D

NOTE : Do Not Forget the FUN that is ON at ICR..... CHIME IN!!!!




mansi said...

WOWERS!!!This is some awesome stuff.You must be flying high in cloud9 GAL!!Congrats and ENJOY all your wonderful goodies.

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Thanku dear for ur sweet wishes.
Lovely stuff u received. Waiting to see ur new creations.

snehal watwe welde said...

lovely stuff ...I am particularly eyeing the dies ...have been on my wishlist for the longest time...where did you order them from and how much do they cost .Please let me know if possible

yyam said...

Wow! Lots of yummy goodies! Love what you did with what you got...great textures on your shaped card! :)

kavitha said...

wow!!lucky u n i love all the stuffs.Now you have to start using it, more excuses:)))

anita said...

wow luck girl. Must Be on cloud nine!!!

anita said...

wow you are lucky!!

Tejal said...

Wowza that is some amazing those buttons!! you got a set from Gina K? wow!! so totally jealous of you right now!!

Hussena said...

oh wow what a load of goodies congrats !!!!!!!! have lots of fun with all this lovely stuff ..and wish u a very happy holi.

Sorcerer said...

Really fantastic works.

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