Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hello!!!!!! Sorry for being delayed as far as time was concerned to make this announcement.....

All my candy fun is over & I feel sad that my celebrations for this year has come to an end... :( It kept me on my toes, giggling about all the comments of PHUN, I received from my friends here..... I thank everyone of you who contributed to my celebrations to make it memorable for me..... Desperately looking forward to my celebrations next year..... which is way too long!!!!!

Okay! I understand that u have all guessed it right with the title of this post, that we have 2 winners...... I just wanted to surprise myself with the results, hence used a random number picker, I found over the net, to help me with it...... Before I could announce the winners I would like to let u know a few things.....

Firstly there were 24 peeps who linked themselves in the linky for the Candy..... Of which I found one did not satisfy the criteria to be a part of it... Hence I terminated the entry, without feeling sorry about it.... 'Cuz I had already left several notes indicating that..... So thanks to the rest of them, who contributed with their time to this activity..... :D

I did the random pick for the TOFA Candy first, with the total number being 23..... & since the number that was picked, did not play the bonus candy, I had to redo the drill with the entries to the bonus candy, which totalled up to 6..... And I have counted them according to the order that the mails came in to me, with all the words in there.....


6)Smita Lakhotia

5)Mallika Kejriwal

4)Ujjwal Gupta

3)Anita Kejriwal

2)Sudha Kalra

1)Shalini Maskara

Though it was a lesser number, the entries were all so so very excited which got me all flying with them.... :D

So for the much awaited part here...... ;)


Number 10.... Yay!!! DO I let u figure it out yourself, just for some additional fun! ;) Well! I guess NO! That would be way too far from fun I suppose..... Okay! Okay! Accolades for The #10, which is Shraddha on the linky list..... :) Kudos to Shraddha!!!! U missed on the chance for the bonus candy to someone else, deary..... Still an awesome WIN, I suppose.... :D


As per the list mentioned above, the number that was generated is #2..... Accolades for Sudha Kalra..... Kudos Deary!!!!

Your goodies would be despatched ASAP!!!! I am so happy for all the winners & for all those participated in the fun..... I guess we all had a very uniquely awesome time..... :D I had not expected FUN to this extent.... Hope to play & have some more fun for the next year celebrations!!! Promising something better & bigger than this.... :D

NOTE : All Indian Stampers looking for some fun with all your counterparts here in India as well as abroad, do chime in to the Awesome New Space... Indian Craft Room (ICR)!!! There is an ongoing event you would not wanna miss to be a part of..... A sure excuse to celebrate yourself without being thought of as POMPOUS!!!! That's a different matter, even if somebody did, who has the time to care!!!! ;)

Peeps who are already a party to this FORUM, I would request you to flaunt the ICR badge from the forum, on your spaces to reach out to as many of our fellow stampers including the very amateurs.... :)

That is it for now, on this publishing..... So many Celebrations mentioned here.... That was One BIG Celebration for me.. I agree!!!




Ujjwal said...

congrats to the winners :D

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

OMG...OMG u made me surprise, Oh God, tears rolled in to my eyes. I just thank u all, for giving me such nice opportunity n thanks Ash 2, love u dear.

anita said...


kavitha said...

congrats to the winners:)

Hussena said...

hi everone just wanted to congratulate all the winners have a blast with all the lovely stuff.

Creativek(shraddha) said...

WoooooooooooooooWWW I can't believe I won your candy Asha!Am I dreaming or what!!And I am such a fool to lose out on the thing I wnated so much to win :-( I am kicking myself :-( Your candy is fun cant wait to get my hand on it!

mansi said...

WOW!!congras Shraddha and Sudha!!!

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