Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hey All, was just posting a reminder for those few hours left to claim an entry to my TOFA Candy...... Tonight before 11:59 pm....

Only an entry to this main candy gives u a chance to claim my BONUS candy..... which would go on a roll @ 12:oo AM, that is at Midnight.... I can't wait to start the game for the Bonus Candy..... A simple one for sure, but takes a little more concentration & dedication towards it..... :D

Okay, lemme give u a hint to it right away.... I just can't sustain my excitement any longer.... So let me take the privilege of hinting u a lil, so that I can ease out a lil...... ;)

Well, It is a WORD GAME!!!! I love watching my words.... Well mostly ;) So that is an outline of what it is going to be @ Midnight..... :D

Okie Dokie...... C Ya All Later..... :)

P.S. Peeps who have not completed the requisites to the candy, kindly do..... If u fail to do so, I will terminate such entries..... :(



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