Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello!!! As I said in my previous post, I am here to post the awesome love I received from all around...... Rightfully A season of Love!!!! They are all so awesome & I am so so overwhelmed..... Hugs))))

Here they are....

Pay It Forward

A card sent to me by Mansi, on the account of a game we played online, known as Pay It Forward!!! I had seen this creation of hers on her space, but had not expected it to be so so gorgeous in real...... Truly beautiful Creation Mansi!!!!

And below are the stamps that I just bought from her... Are they not appealing!!!! Can't wait to see themselves being stamped on my creations.... :)

New Stamps

Here is the Secret Package I received from Maria Castillo..... I was floored by this gesture of hers..... Cho Chweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! And they are all very very enticing, of course.... Thanks a lot Maria to have put this together for me, regardless, of having a limited access to the yummy crafty products yourself..... I hold this gesture very high..... Hugs))))

Secret Sweetie

Well!!! Last But certainly not the least.... This was a surprise package I received from my dear crafty friend Shraddha..... She is so sweet by nature... No wonder she has put these things together for me, as a surprise..... I was really moved by this gesture fo hers.....

But currently is suffering from A MOJO SWITCH OFF!!!! I really really hope she finds her lost mojo & gets back working wonders on papers..... :)


I am really really lucky to have known all these & many more wonderful people out here in this blog world..... People I knew never existed, but who are now a part of my life..... :D

I wish One & ALL, lots & lots of love & happiness in their lives.... Hugs))))

Will be back soon with my ATC posts.....




Shalini said...

amazing cards... u lucky girl... and u have dat #30 stamp set!!! i hd all my eyes set on it :))... have fun wid yr craft goodies...

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Wow lovely creations. Ya really lucky gal.


anita said...

by posting those secret sweet heart exchanges , i,m feeling JEALOUS!!! . so can you fix a belated sweethear for me. Arre kar do na. pleeeassssz!

kavitha said...

wow,wow,..lovely RAK's.Lucky you:))

Priya said...

congrats girl!! so lucky girl you are

yyam said...

It's always lovely to get happy mail! Enjoy your goodies!

Tejal said...

@Shalini..everyone had their eyes on the #30 set. including me!!
@Asha- you have such wonderful things on your hand..why still the lack of mojo? pick up some challenges and make one card..

Ulrike*** said...,'ve created an absolutely wonderful card, nice......I wish you a great day,...Ulrike said...

Such a beautiful card.Your talent is getting better nad better.
Missing your inspiring visits at

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