Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello People! This blog is turning one!!!!! And all thanks to every single sweetheart out there, who have been here to this space, even once till date..... I owe to you all, for being so kind to accept me into this blogosphere.... A space for papers, scissors, adhesives & an art in its form.....

Since childhood, I fancied these things to which my dad always grunted, as to he disliked, seeing me with them getting involved in some extracurricular activities & not concentrating on my studies... ;) Well now, these things have not only been a part of my life, but an addiction too... :o

And all thanks to my hubby who supports me a lot, though at times objects, for being a spendthrift as far as the paraphernalia is concerned.... But gives in, when he sees my long face with a sullen expression :( I love him forever; for all that he does to make & keep me happy..... He makes me feel important every single moment.... And I feel life is so worth living.... With a heart that beats for me & with me.... :) Touch wood!!!!!

So going further with the Blogoversary, this blog would turn ONE by the 23rd of February... And I thought it was high time I passed on some love that I had accumulated for the past year....:) What could be best, than putting up an interesting candy for my people... It is one of the most popular means of spreading cheers, over the net.... At one point of time you even get to reach out to them.... So it is totally a WOW!!!!

I have been trying to put together some interesting stuffs for my counterparts here in India..... Yes! I say this because, as everyone knows, we hardly get any of the card making & scrap booking stuffs here. Hence all of us try to lay our hands on them outside this country... May be through some generous people sharing RAKs or by just shopping online.... So when we get our products from overseas, it does not make sense to me to share it back with them.... Hence I thought it better, to share a few things, with my counterparts here in INDIA.... :)

So I request you all, my lovely people out there, who have an easy breezy access to those awesome & sumptuous stuffs, to not be upset with my action & to continue patronizing my space, because that collectively brings me to where I am now... Looking forward to all your love & affection, now & forever.... I pray to God to shower all his blessings on every one of you who have made this space, what it is today.... A Welcoming & a Friendly One!!!!

So my Indian counterparts living in India, here is a small Token OF Appreciation & love from my behalf on the event of my blog completing a year of its success & worth....

I have split my candy into three parts, of which the first 2 parts are the Procedures & the 3rd part is the consequence.... ;)

  1. TOFA Candy (From Feb 1st To Feb 20th)
  2. BONUS Candy (From Feb 21st To Feb 26th) [Everyday Basis]
  3. RESULT (On March 1st)

TOFA Candy

The TOFA Candy is the main candy; where you have to enroll yourself for the candy, by commenting as to what you like the most in the products put together, by helping me spread a word through flaunting the Candy Button on your Sidebar & finally by linking yourself in the Linky.... :)

TOFA Candy

TOFA Candy

And it comprises of the following:
  • Cardstocks - 26 pieces in assorted colors
  • Lace Cardstock - 1 piece pack
  • Corrugated Sheet - 3 assorted pieces
  • A4 DPs - 10 + 2 Embossed DPs
  • 12x12 DPs - 19 (of which 2 from SU!)
  • 6x6 DPs - 2 pieces
  • Sticker sheet - 2 pieces
  • Sticker Quips - 3 booklets
  • Paper Twisted Gift Cord - 1 pack
  • Cord & Ribbon bound sheets - 3 assorted
  • Buckle Ups - 3 packs
  • Handmade Packets of Embellishments - 6 packs
  • Wooden Stamps - 5 pieces
  • Itsy Bitsy Embellishments - 2 packs
  • Glue Dots - 1 pack
  • 12x12 Sentiment sheet - 1 piece pack
  • Stamped Images - 1 Box


The Bonus Candy can be availed, by playing a game successfully, that I will put forth for you on the marked date above (On a daily basis)... But to make yourself counted IN, for the Bonus Candy, you have to be a party to the TOFA Candy.... ;)

  • Paper Studio Heat Tool

So I hope, it makes it clear that both the candies are connected :) And on the final day of the result, the lucky winner of the TOFA Candy gets a chance to win the Bonus Candy as well, if & only if they have played the Bonus Candy game successfully.... If they fail, then another person would be given a chance to be picked for the Bonus CANDY..... So it is 2 chances & 2 candies :)

But like all giveaways & candies, I have a set of rules too.... Simple or complicated, you decide... ;)

  1. Comment as to what you like in the TOFA Collection
  2. Flaunt on Sidebar ( Grab Button on the right Sidebar)
  3. Link to Linky
  4. Do all the ABOVE to record your ENTRY to the BONUS CANDY!
  5. Geographical Restrictions : Within India Only :)

Oops! That looks like quite a post.... A lengthy one!

Thanking every one of YOU Again..... Play The Candy & ENJOY!!!!!!




Tejal said...

Looks like I'm the first one to hop on to grab the goodies!! The first one never wins! Never mind, here's wishing you loads of happiness and continued creativity for the next years to come.
I love those rainbow colored cardstocks..they're just amazing! If they're from around India, I'm gonna bug you to send some to me, whether I win or not!

mansi said...

I guess I am the first one to link myself and as Tejal said,First one never I guessed have asked the wrong question that what YOU like...I guess it should be what you don't like...I love each and every bit of it.especially the stamps(good luck)I have been really trying hard to find some near my place.I have crossed my fingers to win .I know I am sounding very greedy,but OMG this is a SUPER DUPER CANDY.

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Congrats dear.
I like the stamped images n even the sweet cardstocks too.
Count me in dear.


kavitha said...

First of all congrats on completing one year,wishing you many more wonderful years of blogging:))
And wow,..what a amazing candy,like mansi said loved everything about it:))keeping my fingers crossed:))))

ಸಾಗರದಾಚೆಯ ಇಂಚರ said...



Shubhra said...

Congratulations for completing one year wid dis wonderful blog...
Of all d amazing stuff uve got dere..i like d yellow box...i love surprises so eager to knw wt d contents of d box are.. :)

Shubhra said...

Congrats dear...hope to c more of ur inspiring work.And i like d box wid stamped images d most :) Have added a link to ur giveaway !

Banu said...

WOW..Awesome candy. Congrats on completing first year (soon) on your blogland. Amazing how time flies when you are having fun and crafting with passion. You are an amazing creative crafter and all the best :)

Deepti Aggarwal said...

Amazing Candy.... i love wooden stamps and card stock and.. i think everything in this candy is lovely...

Kishley said...

Awesome!! :) Congrats on completing one year of your blog!! May you haeve loads more :D :D

I loved each n every thing from the candy.. Specially the DPs and the stamps!!

Shalini said...

no prizes for guessing that its me who's done some gadbad down there... instead of my name i have the 'i like the PPs the most' written over... dont knw how to rectify it so am leaving it as it is :)

great candy and thanks for sharing...

Sheeba Asariah said...


Priya said...

Congrats!! on completing one year of successful blogging!wow this is a superb candy and i liked the yellow box and card stocks!

Creativek(shraddha) said...

Congrats Ash!!!I soo love the patterned papers and cardstocks..and you're really giving away a heat tool!!

Karuna said...

Wow! This is so cool. 1 year! Congrats Asha!! Sorry last nite on the chat i was so sleepy....good i came to check! What a candy you have!! Awesome :) i missed my blog anniversary and i know the feeling! I loved everything :) i feel nothing in crafts is unwanted ;) Specially liked the cardstocks, the PP, the rubber stamps, the embelishments... idea of a glue dots... ha ah everything!!Wish you many many more successful years!! And heat tool give away??? how many do u have? lol

Priya Venkat Designs said...

Hey...Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like you have taken the time to plan an awesome blog party. Here's wishing you many more crafty years in blogland. Happy to comment but please count me out of the candy.Dont get me have awesome stuff in your giveaway...but I would like to give my chance to someone who is just starting out and doesnt have a lot of stuff. Will be back to see who the lucky winner is going to be.

Rachana said...

Hey congrats asha...feels so good na to be connected and meet crafty people all over the world...the best thing i like about your candy is the assorted colored cardstok...i would love to grab them immediately..heheh hope i an lay my hands on thiese lovely goodies

Jaya Christina said...

Congrats girl on one year. Amazing feat! :) And you've been quite buzy all thru the year! :)
Thanks for the candy! The cardsstock is AWESOME! :) Good luck to all! :)

Ujjwal said...

Congratulations on completing one year, girl!! And what an awesome candy you have on offer :)

I love the rainbow colored card stocks and I am so eying the bonus candy :) (I have embossing powders but no heat gun :()

Wishing you many more wonderful years in this beautiful blogland!!

priyanka said...

wow wow wow...! its jus wowwie...
congratulations dee for completing one year...! I wish u success and may all ur dreams some true..! and definitely wishes for more and more creativity for the coming year's..
well thanks for the chance..!
what i like about ur candy is everything.. they are all super exciting.. i am in love with card stocks, the embellishments they are simply awsome..
good luck and thanks for sharing.

Larisa said...

Hello from your Russian follow)))!
Congrats on completing first year!!
I hope I can take part in this candy, isn't it?
Great giveaway! I linked it on sidebar
I am so happy to find this blog and I'm a follower! Thanks for the chance to win!
Hugs. Larisa. xxx

Magia da Inês said...

Olá, amiga!
Passei para uma visitinha depois de muito tempo.
Vejo que seu blog está fazendo aniversário...
Feliz Aniversário para o seu blog!!!
Que esse seja o primeiro ano de muitos que ainda virão cheios de belos e criativos trabalhos.
Bom fim de semana!
♫♫ °º
•*• ♫♫° ·.

anita said...

First let me congratulate you for winning The candy at crazyaboutatcs.
Now, I,m so touched that do not have words to express. I too loved crafting since my childhood days, only that my mother could not afford to buy craft stuff for me. I had to do with camel tube paints. I bought my first colourpencils set of 24 with my own pocket money and that was 25 years ago. I still have them. You are lucky that you have friends who bring you stuff. And we are lucky cos you are offering us those. I recently burnt my heat tool so if I get that, it will be great. But in your tofa candy, i,m in love with those card stock. Would love to get them. Are they available at your side. Like Tejal said, candy or no, could you send them if needed. And lastly, congrats on your blogaversary. You have come a long way.

Hussena said...

Hi Asha firstly wish u a very happy first anniversary wishing u also many more happy years of blogging. and now for ur question about what i like best about ur candy i guess its just about everything on display,but my true love i confess r the gorgeous papers,and am quite intrigued by the heat embossing tool so please consider me for this candy.

Priyadarshini Deshpande said...

Congratulations Asha!

Priyadarshini Deshpande said...

Congratulaitons Asha! I like the papers and the stamps.. And ofcourse the embossing gun :) I have been using hair drier with my embossing powders. Thanks so much for the chance to win the candy.

Warm Regards,

Hussena said...

HI Asha i am writing to u again b'cos although i have participated in ur blog candy i am unable to post ur candy on the sidebar of my blog as i have no clue how to go about it. B'cos u see i am quite new to blogging and do not know all the functions in blogging very well, so if u cud be kind enough to guide me as to how to put the candy on the sidebar of my blog it cud really be helpful to me.
thanks for sharing ur candy and hope to hear from u .

Mallika said...

congrats di !
i love your candy .
those flowers are the best !
they take away all the charm !
they are so pretty !

lucy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lucy said...

the embossing heat gun ofcourse & congrats on completion of one year of blogging.

snehal watwe welde said...

superb candy are one generous woman and i have linked myself pretty late but nevertheless there is hope....i love everything about the candy but my eternal fav are stamps so I guess I will go for that...and whether i win or not i am gonna keep bugging you to send me some said...

Awesome Asha..Congrats on ur first milestone..may u achieve many more is my prayers!

Vidhya said...

Thanks a lot dear. Congrats on completing one wonderful year. I like awesome candy, colourful cards and lovely stamped images. I love your LOL and its my all time favorite. Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day...Hugs

Smita said...

Congratulations on completing a year, Asha. You sure have come a long way since your first post :-)
I love the patterned paper from your fantastic candy bag! You've got to share where you got the papers from ;-)

Thank you for the chance, Asha... it is very kind of you indeed.

Hugs and wishing you a lifetime of crafting happiness...


Hussena said...

Hi Asha
its me again i just wanted to let u know that i have put ur candy on my sidebar ,all thanks to ur detailed instructions. It was really so nice of u to take time to show me how it was done with all the proper illustration.I am thankful to u for taking so much time and effort to help me out .
all the best for ur candy.

may-chu said...

oops, sorry... I added myself to the mr. linky list and didn't notice it was restricted to India, I just got so excited :) pls ignore.

Deepthi said...

just came across your blog ...
it is nice , and i have entered my name in the contest and i am hoping to win it too....
i have never tried card making but have seen pictures in blogs...
so i hope to try it!!!!! have kept my fingers crossed.... All the best to u ......

Deepthi said...

thank you dear !!!!
about flaunting the candy.... sorry i am not aware of the procedures to do that....

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