Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hey finally here with the end of the TOFA candy, heading towards the next step of playing for the Bonus Candy, which is the heat tool, posing in the picture below..... As I revealed earlier it is a fun word game..... :D


But before heading towards the game as such, lemme tell u that, ONLY the peeps who registered for the TOFA Candy by completing the simple procedures, can play this fun game claiming their entry to the Bonus..... Well, now spreading the word about the candy will not hold good 'cuz the linky list has expired its tenure..... With the peeps who have linked themselves up here in the linky list & they have commented, I would still consider them.... :) But by the end of this game, if that priority is still not met, I would have no hassles in terminating the entry & I'm sure all would agree to me, on that..... :O

Going forward with the game, I would like to call it a DOUBLE DOSE!!!! Why????

Because here is how it works.....

You (All Registered under The Linky) can be IN, by simply grabbing the words posted..... YES!!!!

Starting now, that is the Feb 21st which is a Monday @ 12:01 AM, I'll anounce a word here on this post, that ALL would need to grab & write it down, somewhere safe & secure..... The word changes @ 12:01 PM, that u need to grab again.... & then on the 22nd of Feb @ 12:01 AM to the next word & so on till the 26th of FEBRUARY @ 12:01 PM for the last word..... So the word would change FROM 12:01 AM TO 12:01 PM & 12:01 Pm TO 12:01 AM... So on & so forth..... ;) Hence it is called the double dose as u would stop by this space twice a day to play...... :)

Collect ALL THESE words!!!! For this game there would be a total of 12 words... If the TOFA CANDY winner is able to email me all 12, then she would win the double dose BONUS CANDY too.... If she fails, I would pick another name which means someone else gets the opportunity to win the BONUS CANDY..... I hope it is CLEAR!!!!!

In case of any issues, do shoot in..... Just anything.....;)

As far as you do not shoot to kill me, all is just fine.... :D

Date12th & FINAL Word Of The Dose

P.S. Read the instructions carefully.....

Thanks for all the support, love & trust you have showered on me.... Believe me it is a part of my life now.... Forever thankful..... :) ENJOY!!!!!




Mallika said...

luv ya
absolutely ossum !

mansi said...

this is such an awesome IDEA!!love this game.

Tejal said...

This is so cute..but lets say, since I already own the heat embossing tool..I'll pull myself out of this bonus candy..let someone else have a chance to win it..
but that doesn't mean I'll stop following the fun!
Thanks so much girlie!!

Handmade with Love said...

what a fun game :D I am totally in it!!

Quill Pill said...

I visited your blog to see if you have uploaded the fun card that you were planning to and found this :). Really loved it!

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

wow lovely idea.

Creativek(shraddha) said...

so much phun!!(no pun intended)

Shalini said...

super start to a super day... this is going to be a super fun game:)

AshKuku said...

Thank U so much dearies.... I hope all enjoy the fun!!!! Oops!!! I made a mistake for sure... Not 8 words but 12.... from 21st Feb to 26th Feb.... Love Ya!!!


Priya said...

this is a fun game!!but i missed the first word.. any excuses considering it is the first day?!

priyanka said...

super fun! super game! i am totally in

Smita said...

Super cool!! I love this game and I am sure I'm going to miss a couple of words :D I've, in fact, set a reminder on my phone to check your words :D

Thanks for giving us a chance to play along,


Shalini said...

YIPPPEE.... completed mine and mailed ya... love u for this game... super!!!

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