Friday, January 20, 2017

TIME FLIES.... Planner/Calendar!


Wishing everyone A Very Happy New Year..... :)

Well... On ICR was the time for a new coasteride... ICRCJan17 - Customize A Calendar!

An interesting one & U must check it out to give it a try.... Below is the story board for u....

And with me living by myself & taking care of my day to day stuffs myself which was forever taken care of by my husband, I am in need of an organizer to keep a track of things I need to do; It was easier when he took care of every damn thing & now to be done by me is exciting as well as a challenge for someone who never did anything..... All Thanks to him; Of course I wudnt have been able to get to this without his support.... So am loving & living this part <3 p="">
With the start of a New Year I had to put together a planner/calendar to keep my life in track so I did not miss on things which shud mean additional headache for my husband.... :P

With this ICR CoasteRide, I had to give it a go... And this is what i cud cook up in a jiffy!

 photo Full_zpsihvn4qgm.jpg

 photo ThePrepNew_zps5a3ccce1.jpg

My Brother helped me by designing the calendar for me which is but obvious the main for this project....

 photo 3_zpsfc1t3ekm.jpg

He then added in all those frames that I wanted on my planner..... Which has.....
On the Front.....
  • To Buy/Order
  • Awaiting On
  • Notes
  • Unfinished Tasks 
 photo 4_zpsxwq1ki6g.jpg

 At The Back.....

  • Priorities
  • Personal Tasks
  • Outdoor Tasks
  • Projects/Ideas
 <3 p="">And I just worked up on the rest putting them all into their place.....

<3 p="">Few things just dont end up the way they start & this planner was one among them..... I initially started with a folder kind of thing for my pages but unfortunately it did not work out well.... I had to leave that thing just there & start afresh with something simpler; When you begin with no experience you definitely not sure where you would end up in the go....

<3 p="">I then thought I wud just make folders for every monthly page with pockets which could help me tuck in stuffs as my bills & acknowledgements.....

<3 p="">After which I made the covers to hold my entire set up & ringed them with the binder rings I had since ages.... Was happy to have been bringing them into use finally :D

<3 p="">I then neatly put in all the folders & pages to accommodate all the months & realized I fell short of one folder for a month.... I had no more patience left to make another one hence tucked it into an already existing month.... :P 

<3 p="">  photo 1_zpsrk3jfppm.jpg

<3 p="">  photo 5_zpstta4hmea.jpg

<3 p="">{At d least I know where I went wrong with few things in the process}
<3 p="">If I did not try I wud never know until I die!

 photo close_zpswpd8dqi0.jpg
<3 p="">
For the locking system I used a strong button used on the denims & made use of the thin elastic twine I had in stash.... And VOILA! I was done...... :D

<3 p="">
<3 p="">It was time to put away all my other stuffs I used to jot down the routine & start using it....
<3 p="">
<3 p="">However, Just to share..... I had placed an order on etsy for a planner/calendar for a cost of Rs.4000/- even before I tried this..... What a waste! Anyways... Nothing new... Am popularly known to be one too.... :(
<3 p="">
<3 p=""><3 p="">So that's about my project for the January CoasteRide on ICR..... You may have your too... Bring them on & link it to the inlinkz right below the discussion of this ride at the ICR Forum.... Have Fun!
<3 p=""><3 p="">

 photo Signaturenew_zps6434c4a9.jpg

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